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Children’s Ministries

Morning Star’s children’s ministry exists to assist parents in leading their children to follow Jesus.

We take seriously the responsibility to provide a safe and loving environment in which children can learn the Bible and take steps forward in their relationship with Jesus. Each lesson and activity strives to help children know Jesus, understand His Word, take the next step in their relationship with Christ, and equip them to share Jesus’ love with others.

In order to help each child might reach his or her spiritual potential, we take extensive steps to ensure that they feel and remain safe while in our care. Each volunteer is a church member who has been prepared and vetted to work with your child by means of:

  • An extensive application

  • An interview process with church leaders

  • A criminal background check

  • A minimum of two references

  • Mandatory sexual abuse awareness training

Nursery (birth to age 1)
  • Sunday Worship Service: Nursery care is available during the 5:00p Sunday Worship Service.

Children (ages 2 to 8)
  • Children’s Church: Our goal is to partner with parents and families to disciple your children. In children’s church, we will encourage your child to discover and live their faith in Jesus as we explore the great stories of the Bible from cover to cover. We strive to create an engaging atmosphere in a purposeful, safe, and age-appropriate way. In Children’s Church, we aim to prepare your children for adult worship services, as well as give you the tools to facilitate and energize your family’s discipleship at home Monday through Saturday.

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